In Mordheim 2011 on March 1, 2011 at 1:00 pm


A couple of Warbands are travelling the muddy roads towards Mordheim. They settle down for a quick snack before the scent of delicious cooking reaches their curious noses. Following the fabulous fragrance leads the parties into a deep, dark forest. The woods are eerily quiet, but as they move on inwards the scent keeps growing stronger.

The forest makes way to small bushy hills, unevenly scattered amongst a boggy wetland. Soon they come within earshot of loud, guttural bellowing. A band of ogres have gathered upon one of the small barrows, surrounded by a knee-high watery bog, they’ve been making a mighty mess, and seem rather oblivious to their surroundings.

A bunch of Gnoblars are scampering around with plates full of steaming meat, actively prostrating themselves in front of their Ogre masters in hope of receiving a regurgitated morsel or an affectionate pat on the head.

There seems to be a large amount of loot and food scattered amongst the Ogre’s, most of it being food, arms and armour. Amongst all this stands a big cage holding a terrified halfling, abject horror of witnessing an Ogre’s gluttonous feast revealed within his thousand-yard stare.




Each player takes turns in placing terrain. A central hill is needed in the middle of the board, and treat the 5″ around the hill as water.  Ruins, shrubbery and small trees can all be placed around the area. The Ogres set up half their force first, then all the players roll a d6 to see who deploys within 8″ on a chosen table edge. The third Warband sets up 8″ on the opposite table edge, the Ogre player places the rest of his Warband wherever he wants on the table, but it has to be at least 14″ away from the enemy, and out of sight.


D6 determines who goes first

Special rules


All ground except the hill is soggy, muddy and wet. If fighting 5″ near the hill (within the river) and a character with light or no armour is stunned, he must take a initiative test or be taken out of action. If a character is wearing heavy armour and is stunned, treat the roll as taken out of action.


The game lasts for a maximum of 8 rounds, the objective being to hold the hill and drive the other warbands off. The warband who has a model on the hill at the end of the game wins the game. If contending models occupy the hill at the end of the game, there game is a draw and the leaders don’t get any “winning leader xp”

If two of the three Warbands choose to voluntary rout, the third automatically becomes the victor.

+1 xp to heroes or henchmen groups that survive the encounter.

+1 xp to the winning leader

+1 xp to heroes who take an enemy out of action

The warband that wins the scenario receives a Halfling scout to add to his warband (FREE OF CHARGE!) This goes for the Ogres as well, seeing as Ogres don’t actually eat Halflings due to their

amazing cooking abilities. The whole cage incident was just to keep him safe from the strangling hands of the Gnoblars, who are very jealous of all the attention doted upon the newcomer.

If the game was a draw, that’s to say that there were models belonging to other warbands occupying the hill at the end of the game the halfling will have escaped during the fight.


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