“Shadows over Salzenbrëcht”

In Mordheim 2011 on March 1, 2011 at 1:03 pm

Warbands involved


No Ogres!

Roll to see which one. Those who’re not chosen take part in the second, parallel scenario “What’s cooking?”

Special rules:


If the Undead warband is playing, they slaughtered the roadhouse. If so, their vampire lord doesn’t enter the game until round 5, due to the sun still setting. He bursts through the wet earth of the courtyard when he enters play. Place him anywhere within the walls. Not inside any buildings.


Attacker is 8″ away from table age, roll to decide which is used to set up on, this will also be the one that the defender needs to escape too.

Defender needs to be located inside the roadhouse. If the Undead aren’t playing then the roadhouse is empty, except for some straggling zombies.

The third warband will then enter 3 rounds after the first, it may choose to deploy on any table edge, though the third Warband uses the Wild Card rule.

Attacker goes first.


The warband designated as a Wild Card is given a dirty chance to grab some quick xp, or just throw some shit in someones fan. Later in the campaign warband animosity and alliance may designate who arrives into a specific scenario (if any) as a Wild Card warband. The set-up of the Wild Card warband will vary from scenario to scenario, though they will usually be drastically reduced in fighting strength, representing a scouting party, or a night watch of sorts.

The Wild Card warband for “Shadows over Salzenbrëcht” must field one Youngblood (or equivalent) and 1-5 henchmen. no more than six models, and no other heroes!


The character who carries the chest can only move at his normal speed. If he has help from another warband member, they may move at running speed. Characters may climb, fight and hide as normal when carrying the chest.


The sun hasn’t set yet, so the Vampire remains buried, sleeping in undeath beneath the wary feet of his foes. He will appear in round 5 and may act as normal from then on.


Salzenbrëcht is a recently sacked roadhouse leading to Mordheim. Half-a-day earlier, a migrating band of ghouls attacked and murdered the establishments guests and residents. Gorging themselves upon the flesh of their hapless victims, most have left their morbid feast to seek refuge from the hated sun. With distended bellies bloated and sagging, they crawl, slouch and stagger into the welcoming darkness of the forest surrounding their eventual, inscrutable goal – the dread city of Mordheim and their ever-patient master.

The once-sturdy stockade that protected Salzenbrëcht hasn’t suffered much from the attack. The only tell-tale sign that something untowards has happened with the roadhouse is the steady pillar of black smoke rising from the main building. The gate is closed, but as you draw closer you notice claw marks covering the entire structure, as if a pack of wild beasts had scaled its entire surface.

You may scale the walls, gate, or spend 6 rounds hacking the gate.

down (rounds decrease by 1 for each warband member who helps.) The gate may be opened normally from the inside.

The courtyard is trampled, and patches of soggy gore dot the grass.

The main building is a smoldering ruin. A d6 half-eaten bodies block its entrance. These will automatically rise as zombies as the gates are broken down. If one chooses to scale the “3 of walls, the zombies won’t stir until someone goes within their initiative range.

There’s a treasure chest filled with standard equipment within the smoldering ruins. When the chest is found d3 ghouls will appear outside the courtyard, driven back to their feasting ground by the scent of fresh meat. If the Undead are playing, the dregs will have found the chest and begin play with one of them standing on its token.

The second warband will want to stop the first (or third) from leaving with the loot. They can share, but where’s the fun in that?


Model with the chest needs to make it to safety to end the game.


All opposing warbands are defeated.

The chest:

5 randomly generated COMMON items.

1 Mordheim map!!!

4d6 gold coins

exploration roll is allowed! Use “Empire in Flames”


+1xp to all heroes or henchmen bands that survive the encounter

+1 xp to leader of winning warband

+1 xp to any hero who puts an enemy out of action

+1 xp to any group or hero who manages to carry the chest to safety

  1. Når skal herligheten begynne? Jeg har mekka litt terreng og satt opp warband

    • Jeg må snakke med per-persson og resten av gjengen. Tror ikke alle har satt opp et Warband enda. Jeg har ikke gjort det. Skal prøve og organisere et ordentlig workshop. Stay in touch!

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